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Shape your community by talking about things that matter. Below are the topics for which our Conversation Corps partners need input. Feedback from conversations is delivered to decision-makers behind each issue. Check in regularly to see what topics we're discussing. 



CodeNEXT: Land Use in Austin

In 2012, the Austin City Council adopted Imagine Austin, the community’s collective vision for our future as a city. Part of Imagine Austin called for rewriting Austin’s outdated and complex land development code, which governs what you can build and where. This initiative, called CodeNEXT, has reached an important milestone: the first draft of the new land development code was released in January 2017. The CodeNEXT team worked to make sure the Imagine Austin vision and community priorities were incorporated into the draft, and is seeking community feedback and conversations to ensure they got it right.
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Austin Tourism: How Can We Make Tourism Help Our City the Most?

Tourists bring millions of dollars in tax revenue to our City, and they also have a major impact on City operations and resources, as well as our economy as a whole. How should we best manage the tax dollars generated by tourism to benefit our community? Join us to discuss this timely topic as the Austin City Council considers the budget for the coming year.
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Austin ISD Facilities Master Plan: Engaging the Public on How to Build Schools & Facilities

Austin ISD is in the process of creating a long-term plan on how we will build school facilities for the next 25-30 years. Austin ISD would like to hear your opinions and feedback. To find information about a specific campus, search by vertical team here.

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Traffic Jam! Let's Get Central Texans Moving Again

Austin's traffic congestion problem is bad and only getting worse. The increase in time wasted in traffic throughout our region ranked fourth among U.S. metro areas — worse than Houston and New York City! There’s no single solution to the region’s growing traffic congestion, so we need an "all of the above" strategy that includes road and transit improvements to add capacity and give people options. That's where Project Connect comes in. The plan will give us a system of high-capacity transit solutions to help get Central Texans moving again. The first step is to identify WHERE these solutions should be. We need your input to identify the corridors where transit makes sense. Tell us where you travel the most and where you need to get to most often. Then we can explore what transit solutions will make the most sense in those corridors.

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Cemetery Rules: What are appropriate regulations for grave ornaments?

Burial traditions, grave decorating practices, cultural relationships with ancestors, and varying expectations for the appearance of cemeteries have gradually changed since Austin was founded and its first city cemetery established in 1839. Throughout the past 175 years, the City and Austin’s citizens periodically have had to resolve situations in which the practical realities of cemetery upkeep were in tension with the (no less important) cultural and emotional relationships that the living maintains with the deceased. This is even more complex today, as Austin’s population becomes more diverse. We understand that there are different religious, cultural and family practices with grave ornamentation. It is our goal to develop rules that respect those practices of our diverse community.

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Our Austin Story: The Story of Austin Through the Lens of Our Historic City Squares

The purpose of Our Austin Story is to engage the public in the shared heritage expressed in, by, and through Austin’s historic city squares. This project is sponsored by the Downtown Austin Alliance, working in partnership with the Austin Parks and Recreation Department. Our Austin Story will develop, in concert with the public, interpretive plans for each of the three remaining squares: Brush, Republic, and Wooldridge. These plans will relate key storylines and stories to their most appropriate square. These interpretive plans will help inform park planning, in-park interpretation, marketing, public engagement, and programming.
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These topics are part of Leadership Austin's Engage on the Go program. It is important to note that these topics are not directly related to upcoming decisions. However, if a Conversation Corps host chooses one of these topics, the feedback from their conversation will be reviewed by our partnering agencies. Please visit the Engage on the Go page of Leadership Austin's website for more details. 

  • Journalism & Politics

  • Transportation Equity

  • Women in Leadership

  • The Texas Legislature & Local Control Issues

  • Is Education the Key to Success?

  • Erasing the Mental Health Stigma