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May 2016: AISD Fiscal Realities - Budget & Community Challenges


The Austin Independent School District is facing budget pressures. Over the past four years the school district has experienced an enrollment decline, which has resulted in a 47.9 million dollar loss. A multi-year financial plan is in place that will keep a balanced budget through 2017. However, the district is forecasting a deficit from 2018 through 2020. AISD utilized Conversation Corps in May to seek meaningful dialogue and creative input to address the concerns around this fiscal reality, giving the community the opportunity to weigh in on what AISD and its community partners could do to increase enrollment throughout the district.  

Feedback Summary

Conversations were held in locations throughout Austin. Major themes that surfaced include: school reform,rebranding schools, teacher support, financial management, community involvement, distrust of the school system, after school programs and equality. 

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Who is reviewing the feedback?

  • Nicole Conley, Austin ISD Chief Financial Officer 
  • Leo Lopez, Austin ISD Executive Director of Finance

How is feedback being used?

The input from these conversations is currently being used by the AISD Board of Trustees as they make important budget decisions.