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Host a conversation


Host a Conversation 

Once you've attended a training you're ready to begin hosting conversations. Follow the steps below and use the resources provided to take meaningful conversations anywhere and everywhere. 

Select a Topic

At any given time, we’ll have at least three different topics to choose from. Take a look at our Topics page and decide which topic you want to focus on first. 

Schedule a Conversation

Gather a group of friends, neighbors or colleagues and start talking! Let us know when and where you're meeting. If you'd like to make your conversation open to the public, we'll post it on our website. If not, we'll just keep it to ourselves. Give us all the details here

Prepare for your Conversation

Take some time to familiarize yourself with the background information about the topic for your conversation. Download and print any materials that you'll need. Use our flyers to spread the word. 

Send Feedback from your Conversation

We want to hear the feedback from your conversation and how it went! Please submit this form as soon as your conversation is over. 


Standard Materials and Templates